Vincent J. ClarkThe road to becoming a graphic designer has been a long one. After graduating from Morgan State University with a B.A. in Graphic Design and Advertising, my wife and I moved back to Florida to begin my search for a job in my chosen profession. Ideally, this is where one would pick up that perfect job and live happily ever after. However, that doesn’t always happen. Life threw me a curve ball and I found the job market very saturated with talented graphic designers but lacking in the available positions to accomodate them all.

This led me to alternative routes to provide income for my family while I searched for that perfect job. While waiting on a job to come through, I found myself a postion as a substitute teacher. On my first day, I was having lunch when the principal walked in and generally asked if there was anyone with a background in art. I immediately threw my hand in the air and was called down to the principal’s office. After an hour discussion, I was offered a position as an interim art teacher for the rest of the school year. After the school year was over, I attended several interviews where I found out that there was more to the graphics world than I currently knew. So, I went back to school so that I would not miss out on another job opportunity. In the mean time, I continued as an ESOL (English Speaker of Other Languages) teacher while attending the International Academy of Design and Technology to receive an A.S. in Computer Graphics.

After graduating, I garnered a position in one of the top graphic design agencies in Central Florida. It is there that I have received guidance and experience in all aspects of graphic design and advertising. I have continued to grow with each passing day and want to extend my ideas to help bring your projects to life.